In the tradition of the Oscars, here’s the past year’s untimely deaths. REST IN PIZZA.

Would you like to be on your own Special Board? Vinnie’s Pizzeria is working with Kathy’s Boston Marathon Dana-Farber Fundraiser which is taking place at Beloved Bar in Greenpoint Brooklyn from 2 to 7. There is an online auction at . If you are the highest bidder, I will draw you on a Special Board, give you your own specials and you will be featured as the specials of the day in Vinnie’s Pizzeria. Thanks so much.
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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and there’s only one possible way to show love. That’s right, cards. Everybody knows that love can’t exist without cards. Luckily the fiancee and I have made a bunch for you so the thinking part is over.  We can ship them to you lickety split. If you’re a fan of my special boards, check em out here: Thanks so much!

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